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About Us

Chawkcloud Data Management Solution

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Chawkcloud is offered by Hawk Guided Technologies, an Atlanta, Georgia based company. Hawk Guided Technologies created the Chawkcloud Productivity Empowerment Tool to enable small businesses to gain an advantage in the market. Our focus on minority-, women-, and veteran-owned small businesses comes from the recognition that these typically smaller specialty trade operators create job opportunities for many in underserved communities. The Chawkcloud P.E.T. provides the same technology backbone that larger companies use – creating the opportunity to make our customers more competitive and profitable.

Veteran Contractor Team

Team of Experienced Tradesmen

Our team at Hawk Guided Technologies has deep experience across a number of contractor service sectors. We have each worked in different areas of the specialty trades – product supply, logistics, sales, marketing as well as technology development. This collective knowledge base allows us to understand the challenges that contractors with small specialty trades businesses encounter – and the experience to deliver guidance to implement new technologies and practices into their operations.

The creation of Chawkcloud comes from the desire to save time, energy and effort, and to have critical management tools available all in one place. The efficiencies granted by this utility will make a dramatic difference in our customers’ ability to lock down leads and win more jobs.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

Chawkcloud is a Productivity Empowerment Tool created by Hawk Guided Technologies, an American Veteran owned company dedicated to empowering minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses to build a brighter future