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Contractor Business Data


Chawkcloud™ manages your critical business data, helping you be more organized and productive with your time

  • Store cost book information for materials, labor, equipment

    • Saves time and increases productivity by storing frequently used costs

  • Store contact information for leads, clients, businesses, employees, and more

    • Centralized and cloud-based, enabling subscribers to remain organized

  • Create tasks, meetings, and calls to sync with internal calendar

    • Eliminates need for external scheduling applications

    • Allows the subscriber to log all interactions with contacts within the application for future reference


If your operation needs a business data power tool to take it to the next level, contact us for more information on our product.

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Chawkcloud™ was created by Hawk Guided Technologies, SPC – an American Veteran owned company dedicated to empowering minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses with technology to build a brighter future

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