Chawkcloud Wins New Business

You Can’t Win the Business You Don’t Bid On

“My friend recently decided to replace his kitchen cabinets that were showing signs of age and separating from the wall behind them. This friend received a glowing referral for a kitchen renovation specialist who had done work that my friend’s friend was very happy with. The specialist got the call and made an appointment to give me an estimate the following afternoon. The kitchen guy, “Bob” arrived on time, was very personable, knowledgeable and professional. After measurements and discussions about which cabinets to use, “Bob” told my friend he would email an estimate soon.

Then a week went by.

My friend had used another contractor previously for some work on his house who had done a reasonably good job for what he believed to be a fair rate. My friend was planning to get a bid from the second guy just to be sure about pricing, but was inclined to use “Bob” because he liked his personality and the quality of his previous work. The second guy came over, took the measurements and emailed over a proposal later the same day. My friend was still waiting for an estimate from “Bob”, and willing to give him the job if the price was right.

“Bob” called the week after the week he promised the proposal to follow up. Since my friend had not received a bidd from“Bob”, he had signed the contract with second guy and work was scheduled to start in a couple days. “Bob” apologized profusely for the delay, stating he was certain he had emailed the proposal the previous week. [Ed. Note: I am the friend, but “Bob” is not named Bob] I checked my spam and found no such email. Later, I got an email from Bob that he had misspelled my name and the proposal email was sent to someone else.

Bob lost the job because he never bid on the job.

Let’s look at how Chawkcloud would have helped Bob win this job. First, by creating my contact record in the prospect module, Bob could have sent a confirmation of the estimating appointment, which would have verified my email address. Second, by creating a project in the jobs module, Bob could have entered the measurements, notes of our discussion and even pictures of the cabinets’ condition (for later comparison to completed work). Third, using the material module, he would have confirmed the inventory with his cabinet vendor to assure that the products were ready for a start date. Finally, and most importantly, using Chawkcloud, Bob could have emailed me the proposal immediately, before he left my driveway.


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