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More about Chawkcloud™

What Does Chawkcloud™ Do?

Chawkcloud™ utility grants you access to all your essential business operational information from anywhere – especially on the go. Contractor time management, personnel monitoring and equipment assignment are all critical factors for profitability in the building sector.

Chawkcloud™ can turn your on-site downtime into uptime using our product. Keep timely communications up to date, monitor product orders and track fulfillment, delivery and backorders – all from your smartphone or tablet. Because the software is cloud based, you never lose data in the case of a lost or damaged device.

 Chawkcloud™: The Business Data Power Tool   

Chawkcloud™ enables businesses to experience new management efficiencies that lead to greater productivity and better profitability.

Subscribers using Chawkcloud™ have better command of their operations because they have access to key business data at all times. This tool places all the contact information for current customers, vendors, prospects and bids all in one place with a user interface that is simple and intuitive.

Managing business opportunities and converting leads into new jobs is where this technology earns its keep. Chawkcloud™ accurately tracks all the communications your business has with a prospective customer. From the initial proposal to the signing of the contract to land that next project, our technology works in the background, paving the way.

 Generate New Business 

            • Chawkcloud will improve your speed and accuracy in tracking your customers and turning potential leads into paying jobs.

            • Chawkcloud provides on-demand access to key business data, whether you are on-site assessing key vendors or with a potential client, pitching new business.

            • Chawkcloud keeps track of all your business communications from the initial proposal to signing the contract to landing the next job.


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Streamlined Project Management   

Chawkcloud™ supports contractor projects from initial bid to final payment. The tool helps you keep track of communications during the bid process and manages the key information needed to win the project. Use Chawkcloud™ to manage subcontractors and vendors, material and equipment, project schedules, daily reports, client approvals – all the pieces needed to deliver a successful project on time and on budget. Change orders and punchlists can be kept current so you can get that final payment faster. Best of all, you can manage all of this from your mobile device while in the field. Say goodbye to stacks of paperwork at the end of a long day.

            • Manage subcontractors, vendors, materials and equipment, project schedules, client approvals and more while on the go.

            •Keep change orders and punchlist items current to get paid faster.

            •Manage employee assignments to streamline efficiency.

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Chawkcloud™ believes in supporting our Subscribers

Any technology product is only as good as the people who stand behind it. Learn more about our mission.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

 Chawkcloud™ Is Tailored to You 

            You can start using Chawkcloud right off the shelf, but at Hawk Guided Technologies, we understand that one size does not fit all businesses.  With your subscription we provide an initial setup service, helping you to upload your existing data, logos and more to get you up and running quickly. If you require more extensive customization of Chawkcloud, our team will work with you for a reasonable hourly rate to design a custom fit. 

Chawkcloud™ was created by Hawk Guided Technologies, SPC – an American Veteran owned company dedicated to empowering minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses with technology to build a brighter future

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