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What Does Chawkcloud Do?

Chawkcloud contractor building houses

Hawk Guided Technologies creates data management tools for the construction industry and the specialty trades that support it. Our offerings will help small- to mid-sized businesses increase their productivity and profitability by harnessing cloud-based data management.

The growth and scale of activity in the building sector has increased exponentially in the recent past, but business processes and project data management for builders and specialty trades hasn’t kept pace.

Many tradesmen serving the building sector are likely using file folders stuffed with invoices and change orders on the front seat of their truck. “Pushing paper” is often a daunting task that a small business owner dreads at the end of the month. Hawk Guided’s technology products will change that.

Our offerings are designed to address these common challenges by providing intuitive, cloud-based, pre-configured data management products. From any mobile device these small business information tools provide remote access to key business aspects of your operation. For larger firms, these tools can be configured to meet the unique business needs for any builder, contractor or tradesman.

Hawk Guided’s users will see realize new efficiencies in their businesses – managing job prospects, inventory maintenance, crew schedule management, milestones and deadlines, and invoicing – essential factors that have a material impact on productivity and profitability.

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Chawkcloud is a Productivity Empowerment Tool created by Hawk Guided Technologies, an American Veteran owned company dedicated to empowering minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses to build a brighter future