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Why use Chawkcloud?

Chawkcloud Data Management Solution

Save Time. Get Organized.

Efficiency. Productivity. Profitability.

Contractors, home service providers and specialty tradesmen all make enormous contributions to the economy and our way of life. These men and women apply their knowledge, skill, and hard work to create the buildings and maintain the homes in our communities to the high standard we enjoy.

Usually, when someone gains expertise at a trade and has the gumption to hang their shingle, business management is not their strong suit. In fact, it’s the most difficult challenge new business owners face.

A simple, universal condition is this: there are only so many hours in the day.

Sure, you can wake up earlier and stay up later – and many do in order to be successful – but the core problem remains. How do you make the most out of the hours in the day you plan to work?

Chawkcloud understands this challenge – our founders faced these situations and wanted to find a better way. So we looked at the key data pieces contractors manage and designed a tool to make all that information available in one place. And since work is done in the field not in the office, we are deploying a mobile app that puts the power of information management in your hand at all times.

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In real-world construction, time management is a critical piece of the puzzle and has its own subsets of challenges like scheduling, materials and logistics. We will introduce data management tools that could deliver hours of savings amounting to days of efficiency over the course of your project. Our goal is to propel your business to become a more streamlined and profitable enterprise.

If your operation needs a business data power tool to take it to the next level, contact us for more information on our product.

Chawkcloud was created by Hawk Guided Technologies, SPC – an American Veteran owned company dedicated to empowering minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses with technology to build a brighter future


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